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Civil Engineering

Structural calculations and engineering drawings for:

Industrial structures; buildings, chimneys, towers, silos, bunkers, steel roofs, equipment foundations, retaining walls, bridges, workshops, raft foundations, piled foundations, lattice structures, pipe bands, pipe bridges, roof trusses, solar power plants.

Hydraulic Structures; dams, hydroelectric power plants (HEPPs), drainage structures, concrete water channels, powerhouse, spillway, bottom drainage, tail water, regulator structure, sedimentation pool, diversion channel, transmission channel, support masses (fixed - sliding), turbine, generator, pumping stations.

Commercial Buildings; commercial steel and reinforced concrete buildings, residential buildings.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical calculations and engineering drawings for:

Industrial flowcharts, machinery and plant projects, construction machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, liquid and gas tanks, lifting machines (cranes), material handling systems (conveyors), gas channels, pressure pipelines, special machinery and apparatus projects, dams, mechanical equipment, penstock projects, dam valve projects, dam gate projects, HVAC, plumbing, sewage, clean water, drainage, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, insulation, fire protection.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical calculations and engineering drawings for:

Power supply and distribution, wiring, lighting, grounding, lightning protection, fire detection and alarm, closed circuit camera, automation, instrumentation.

Architectural Services

Functional design of all kinds of structures, material selection and color adjustment, 3D presentation.

Technical Consultancy

Preparation of feasibility reports, technical supervision, consultancy, special solutions for technical problems, seismic calculations, geotechnical reports.